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Originally Published in Farrago Edition Three (2022)

Carmen Chin - Charli XCX's Crash

Charli XCX has never been one to play the safe game, though if she seemed as disillusioned and burned out as she once claimed to be, Crash has undoubtedly signalled her re-emergence as an artist of creative force to be reckoned with. A masterclass in sonic versatility that embraces pop conventions, leaps into territories of unknown soundscapes, and reassumes artistic autonomy, Crash never once falls short of the expectations heralded by some of mainstream music's most talented curators; the record instead continues to challenge the purview of what defines a conformist sound.

Danielle Zuccala - The Batman (2022)

The Batman (2022), directed by Matt Reeves, is the latest film centred around the DC comic book character. Although this is by no means the first live-action movie to be made of the iconic character, The Batman successfully crafts a unique experience that stands out in the long line-up of other Batman and superhero films--from cinematography and its screenplay down to its set design and performances from Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz and more, The Batman holds it own. It is truly Reeves' love letter to Batman, Gotham City and its inhabitants. From its story to its visual execution, it's definitely a film you'll want to catch.

Olivia Ryan - Velvet Bloom's Glimmer

Velvet Bloom is an Australian alternative, neo-soul project best known for creating sonic magic through their effortless fusion of pop, jazz and rock. Composed by frontwoman Maddy Herbert and live band The Vito Collective, Velvet Bloom is a dynamic collective of artists with a recently released EP, Glimmer, in which their genre-bending prowess is on full display. They offer a familiar yet simultaneously fresh sound to listeners on the five-track record through their instinctive experimentation in mixing and melding different musical styles. While Maddy's voice is the true showstopper on this EP, the creatives she has surrounded herself with only enhance her talent.

Chelsea Daniel - Bridgerton Season Two

Bridgerton's second season is a play on the period-piece tropes adored by lane Austen fans. This season is more comfortable in its silliness, creating an illusion wherein the Sharma sisters can happily exist in Bridgerton's Regency England. Bridgerton tells us it's a campy romance for us to enjoy as an act of escapism whilst simultaneously begging us to take it seriously. This causes any viewer with a knowledge of history to think critically, shattering the illusion it tries to create. Bridgerton is simply a piece of lane Austen fanfiction, and that is all it has to be.

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