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Originally published in Edition Three (2022)

When we all need to take a minute and breathe but don't want to be left with our thoughts, where do we turn? For the Radio Fodder team, it's podcasts. Picture this: you're trying to churn out a 3,000 word essay, and you need some white noise to get it going. Music doesn't work this time, and you know that what you need is the soothing sounds of indecipherable conversation. As cheesy as it sounds, podcasts are avenues of self-reflection and refuge. hearing others engaged in intense discourse about anything and everything is a comfort to the soul. This playlist spotlights everything from true crime investigations and reality television stars to book recommendations; there's undoubtedly something for everyone. Hop on the well-justified podcast bandwagon with our recommendations!

1. Christina Savopoulos - Drama Queens

Many actors are rebooting their past TV shows in the form of rewatching podcasts. Drama Queens is where Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton, and Bethany Joy Lenz reunite to rewatch One Tree Hill. Apart from using their podcast to share invaluable behind-the-scenes details, the women find the light in a difficult and negative on-set experience. They share their emotions with such freedom that you always feel like part of the conversation, catching up with old friends! They host live online events, have guest stars and dedicate time to fan questions. Even if you're not a fan of the show it's worth a listen for how it invites a bit of self-reflection!

2. Carmen Chin - The Bald and the Beautiful with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamo 

If you're a fan of drag or crude comedy, The Bald and the Beautiful might have just been tailor-made for you. The hosts are seasoned queens Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova, arguably the most prominent queens after rising to fame in the seventh season of RuPaul's Drag Race. While the duo's eccentric charisma and back-and-forth banter are most salient in their hit YouTube series UNHhhh, The Bald and the Beautiful is a different yet familiar beast- from heated discourse on little-known facts about 'Game Of Love' singer Michelle Branch to queer vampires with What We Do in the Shadows star Harvey Guillén, there never is a dull moment with Trixie and Katya.

3. Lochlainn Heley - Books Unbound

Books Unbound is a delightful hour of zen filled with laughter, puns and mountains 'n' mountains of books. Each week, hosts and best friends Ariel Bissett and Raeleen Lemay chat about their favourite and not-so-favourite reads from the last week. At the end of each episode, listeners are left with an extensive list of new and fascinating book recommendations, which will make you eager to rush to the nearest bookshop. I highly suggest listening if you're lost on what to read next or need a moment of rest with their wonderfully energetic voices

4. Beatrix Brenneman - Emergency Intercom

I always come back to podcasts as a respite from productivity and to fill silences when cooking, walking my dog or commuting home Emergency Intercom is the perfect podcast for this. The hosts, Enya Umanzor and Drew Phillips, are comedy YouTubers originally from Vine. The pair sit down once a week and chat about anything, everything, and nothing. As they say, "There is no emergency; we
just want attention." It's stupid, crude fun that touches on heavy topics like mental health with a light heart. Give it a listen, just don't expect it to make any sense.

5. Rhea Chatterji - Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad 

There's been a murder! And the killer is on the loose. My heart beats faster, an involuntary scream surges within me, that could
only mean one thing... it's time for The Murder Squad. Tune in to rediscover history's greatest unsolved murder mysteries, unstated motives or missing pieces in the crime jigsaw. Episodes feature Jack the Ripper's victims of Whitechapel Street, Mark David Chapman, the case of the redhead murderers and more. This podcast makes for great entertainment as the squad delves deeper into uncharted territory and overlooked suppositions. So, don your deerstalker hats and sleuth intuition, you won't want to miss this.

6. Elina Pugacheva - Modern Love

My favourite podcast is Modern Love. Each episode is a reading of an essay from a New York Times column of the same name, and every time I'm hooked until the very end. Topics range from stories of romance and friendships to sexuality, self-love and a strong distaste for small talk. In an increasingly lonely world, Modern Love is a reminder of hope and the power of meaningful connections- for even listening to a single episode connects the listener to what was once simply a detached story of human love and existence

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