Students' Council Round Up: 4(22)

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Welcome to the Farrago UMSU Students' Council Round Up, where we tell you what's happening at your Student Union.

Last Council happened on Friday 11 March at 2pm.


Attack on Activities: We spent… so long on OB Reports. Why? Council wanted to come for the Activities Office for allegedly breaching the Financial Regulations. The context? Activities had passed money for Bands, Bevs, and BBQs (BBB) after the event had occurred. The Financial Regulations state that money must be approved before an event. Moreover, Activities has failed to hold regular committee meetings due to being inquorate. Activities Office Bearer (OB) Bella Henry, who only recently became OB, says they are working to fix this issue. Sami Zehir, who was voted in as Activities OB last election, said a lot without saying anything.

No Ikea Bear: The Enviro Department did NOT bring the Djungelskog to Council. Sign their Divestment Petition I guess.

“Josh Davis chair?”: General Secretary Amy Bright chaired most of the meeting however, had to leave at 4pm leaving the chair vacant. Farrago’s favourite white boy Josh Davis came to the rescue and volunteered as tribute. All but one (1) councillor voted in favour of Davis. Buckle up, because UMSU is fully in the Josh Davis era.

Who is Patrick Bunney?: Genuinely don’t know this guy. Please let Farrago know who this person is. Just out of curiosity. Spoke well, I think.

Surprise! No membership changes!: First council of 2022 with no membership changes? It’s more likely than you think. Not sure if the Welfare Office resignations were already mentioned in a previous Council (this is me nicely saying that the Welfare Office resignations were not mentioned previously).

Best Camera Angle of Council 4(22): Zodie Bolic. Zodie was doing Council as one should do Council: in bed.

Best Speaker of Council 4(22): Farrago has decided to make this a democratic process. We received three votes for Josh Davis. One vote had initially voted for Sami Zehir for their Metro Trains ASMR (Farrago had initially thought the background noise was a pub) but rescinded when Davis moved a procedural motion for a vote. Lauren Scott (Women’s) told Farrago that if Davis did not win Best Speaker of Council 4(22) that they would “riot”. Apologies to contender Phoebe Churches.

Best Singer of Council 4(22): Ciara Griffiths for their Shannon Noll rendition.

Apology to the Education Office: I consistently referred to Benjamin Jarick as Education (Academic). This is not true. Ben is Education (Public). I am sorry. The Education Office is confusing.


Next Council is happening Week 4, Tuesday 22 March at 12pm. Will Josh Davis be chair again? You’re just going to have to wait and see.

If you want to read more about what happens at Council, you can find meeting minutes on the UMSU website, depending on whether or not the General Secretary does their job. You can also read about Council in live time on the Farrago livetweet on our Twitter.

See you cowboys soon for the next Farrago Round Up. Giddy up!

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