Top 10 Releases of May


(In no particular order)

‘Just Cool’ – Obongjayar

London-based Nigerian artist Obongjayar releases first solo single, ‘Just Cool’ since issuing his 2022 debut LP Some Nights I Dream of Doors. This Afro-funk song with a hint of disco-pop is bound to make you move your feet. The synchronisation between Obongjayar’s layered vocals and the smooth drum fills eases the song into a steady progression that hits just the right spots.


‘Sometimes…’ – by Snakehips

‘Sometimes…’ by Snakeships has been stuck in my head since I first heard the intro, and I must share it. The leading track of twelve on their new album Never Worry, ‘Sometimes…’ is a song featuring Daya and Earthgang. Daya's feature vocals are perfect; she owns the song, and Earthgang brings musicality to his rhythmic rap as he starts singing, blending perfectly with the song. A song to be an instant favourite for the summer.


‘Nowhere To Be’ – The Grogans

The local trio, The Grogans, have been making waves across the Melbourne and UK scenes; their garage rock anthem, ‘Nowhere To Be’ is sure to grip your attention. The song is like a well-paced rock anthem about day-to-day frustrations of a nihilistic life and the restlessness that comes with it. Some might find this song an assault on their ears, but with a good pair of headphones, you can listen to the sophisticated musicality of the song, and the layered chord progressions create a perfect amount of tension and release. The visuals in the video remind me of an 80s horror movie: it's cheap, it's hideous, and I can’t take my eyes off them.


‘Mr. Taxi Driver’ – Munan

‘Mr. Taxi Driver’ is Munan’s new single that delves into lo-fi psychedelic. Though minimal on instrumentation, ‘Driver’ is full of layered colour. On the surface, it's a song about not being able to get home late at night, but the more you listen to it, the more you’ll realize that the taxi driver is the sober one who picks you up every time you make the same mistake. The jazzy saxophone solos are an absolute treat, and the best is saved for the end in a phenomenal outro fade.


‘Weekend’ – Body Type

‘Weekend’ by Body Type has a very 80s vibe: from the tune to the rhythm to the drum opening. The slightly off-beat guitar in the beginning and into the chorus pushes the song into a cheeky, untroubled grove that I just love. This carefree feel is carried throughout the song as it delves into the logistics of romance with no strings attached.


‘Don’t Kiss Me’ – Maple Glider

‘Don’t Kiss Me’ by Maple Glider is an indie folk track that slowly builds in intensity into a melancholic horror movie sequence of unwanted sexual attention. The multiple notes, sung in harmony, leap up an octave at the end and surround Maple's beautiful vocals as she sings away, which deepens the song’s emotional expression as it nears the end. Maple Glider’s unique voice gives the vocals a beautiful texture and footprint. And the comical horror of the music video further vouches for her uniqueness in the indie scene. The music video’s backyard recording of mundane everyday activities with a bone-chilling narration perfectly matches the song.


‘Padam Padam’ – Kylie Minogue

You know Kylie Minogue’s ’Padam Padam’ is made for the charts the moment you’ll listen to it. Garnering 3 million views within 12 days on YouTube, ‘Padam Padam’ is a hypnotic-electro dance-pop track that thumps like a beating heart. This pop song is from Minogue’s upcoming sixteenth studio album, Tension, which is set to release this September.

The song is so simple in its vocals and time signature; it's surprising how original it is and how we are not running out of song arrangements. Kudos to Kylie and her producers for composing such fresh music even after such a long-running career.


‘HeToka Tū Moana’ – Jen Cloher ft. Te Kaahu

With her classic singer-songwriter set-up, Jen Cloher releases another folk classic track that is utterly soothing. ‘HeToka Tū Moana’ is from Jen’s fifth studio album, I Am The River, The River Is Me. The song literally translates to ‘stand steadfast like a rock in the ocean’, which means to hold fast to the words of your ancestors. Cloher says that she switches in between “English” and “te reo Maori” in the song for the sake of honesty, as she isn’t very fluent in her native tongue. Cloher and Te Kaahu’s voices perfectly complement each other as they walk unique vocal paths in the song. The soft finger-plucked guitar caresses the singers and keeps the song flowing together with its light rhythm and counter-melody.


‘Gangrene’ – PhaseOne x RedHook

‘Gangrene’ is the latest electronicore single by EDM artist, PhaseOne, in collaboration with RedHook. The powerful distortion of the electric guitar is amplified with the EDM beats that grace ‘dubstep’ but stay in the ‘trap’ lane. The Metalcore element rises as the end nears, and the beat drop at the end is just sick!


‘Jordan 1s’ – Vv Pete

‘Jordan 1s’ is the third taste release for  Vv Pete’s upcoming debut EP, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. They copy me to stay on track,” says Vv, but quite the opposite can be said about the beats of the song. They don’t sound too original, but they just work. Thanks to the collaboration with the song producer Utility, the song slaps, and that’s all you need to know. The music video accompanying the song is shot surveillance style, which tickles my filmmaking fancy.


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