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Radio Fodder is the University of Melbourne’s student radio station.
If you have any questions about contributing to Fodder, please contact:

Ed Pitt at (on-air shows, music team),
Lauren Berry at (fodder blog, music team),


Prompts and Ideas

Is writing for Pitchfork your dream job? What about Rolling StoneThe New Yorker? Ever heard of Australia’s own Go-Set? The Fodder Blog publishes a range of written pieces and audio-visual content about creative industries, ranging from concert and album reviews, to interviews with artists, to promotional material for performers and more! Please email pitches, enquiries and cold submissions to our editor Lauren.


Music, Radio/Audio, Art, Comedy, Performing Arts, Film & Television, Video, Culture.

However, if you have an alternative area you want to explore, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Check out these pieces first!
‘Angel Olsen’s Lesson in Knowing Yourself’
2. ‘Review—Scott & Charlene’s Wedding at The Tote Hotel’
3. ‘Mudfest Comedy Gala—Meet Foolery Press’.

Concert reviews, Album reviews, Band/Artist reviews, Exhibition reviews, Comedy Showreviews, Film/TV reviews, Interviews with Creatives, Music and Culture news, Radio Fodder Show reviews, Promotional articles for Student/Local Creatives, News ‘in brief’ — are among the sort of pieces we like to publish on the Fodder Blog.

Further prompts:

Do you have a thousand-and-one thoughts about a new indie album that you’re dying to get on paper (err—screen)? Or just want to flex all your knowledge about The Velvet Underground’s seminal classic The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)?

Are you a curious music journalist desperate to uncover a story about injustice in acreative arts industry? Or how local/student-artists may be struggling in the era of covid?

Have you gone to a mind-blowing real/virtual concert or exhibition in the past year that you’d love to tell us about? Or perhaps you’d like us to send you out to review an event happening in the future?

Want to be part of the fabric of Radio Fodder and write about us, our show hosts, our community, student media or stuff that’s relevant to our audience?


Check out these pieces first!
1. ‘
21 Reasons Why Missy Higgins is the Only Musician for Me
2. ‘
Music Moods for Valentine’s Day
3. ‘
11 Nostalgic Pop Rock Songs From Our Teen Days’.

Although we like to indulge in long, thoughtful pieces, we also love a listicle or a playlist! Tell us what we should watch, binge, listen to, exercise to, create to and why!


Check out these pieces first!
1. ‘
Blurring Genres—Gorillaz, and the Art of Indescribable Music
2. ‘
The Actor Paradox
3. ‘
Albums vs. Playlists—The Great Debate’.

Perhaps diving into some deep analysis of a creative performer, project, album, artwork, show or industry is more your style? We’d love to hear your ruminations and revelations in a submission.

Further prompts:

Have you uncovered a paradox in a film series?

Have you played an album backwards and discovered a new interpretation of it?

Do you have a new psychoanalytic reading of a character in a TV series that’s never been considered before?

Do you consider a certain artist or painting to be self-reflexive of your personal journey?

Is there a band that you consider to be THE most significant contributor to modern popular music?

Do you have a convincing argument?

How do you feel about the ‘business’ of the music (or another creative) industry?

Is art often overshadowed by hits and ratings and hype?

Do you think collaborations between mainstream musical artists fuel artistic enrichment, or are a ploy for commercial success?

Should we return to vinyl records, or pay for music out of respect and support for the arts? Is it smarter to adapt and evolve with new online media?


Check out this piece first!
1. ‘
Photos—Lazy Ghost at The Gasometer Hotel’.

Want to create writing, not just write about creative industries? We’re interested in creative fiction, poetry and prose submissions too!

We’d also love to see your photographs, art, illustrations, sketches, comic strips and more!


For more ideas and inspiration, check out our previous articles:

We’d also recommend having a peruse of other radio station blogs and music/culture sections of online and print publications to get a sense of writing styles, expression, communicating to an audience and content ideas.

Also feel free to contact Lauren to workshop ideas, or for feedback.

All pieces for Radio Fodder are automatically considered for Farrago print publication.

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