fourteen things I found in my notes app, in no particular order

I’m very drunk on the 109 tram right now and the sunset is so pink behind all the houses it looks like a green screen

A abstract, geometric sketch of a naked femme person traced with a highlighter-yellow glow.

1. when I have service—what happens if a tram gets struck by lightning

2. is fireball expensive

3. I’m very drunk on the 109 tram right now and the sunset is so pink behind all the houses it looks like a green screen

4. Worked at a wake yesterday—I was so hungry, and they had this huge basil plant so I ate some. In his speech, one of the sons pointed to the plant and explained how it was the recently deceased fathers last basil plant from his garden.

5. how does cryptocurrency work

6. I just heard that song in a bar, you know the one you danced to one time when we didn’t really know each other and it made me want to text you but I deleted messenger for the night so I’ll write it here instead

7. vodka pineapples are the best drink ever made

8. need to learn more about what’s happening in Ukraine in the morning.

9. for not high clem—what is that movie with jim carey where he’s in a dome

10. I promised I wouldn’t text you when I’m drunk but I met someone who knows you last night and they asked how I knew you and I didn’t know what to say

11. Sorry for ambushing you. This is a dramatic thing to do, I know. But I’m writing this out in notes first, so I get it right this time. Proper punctuation and everything.

12. Petrol station chicken schnitzel sandwiches are always worse than I remember. Do not buy again—even if it is late and nothing else is open.

13. Keeping count on this note how many times acid is mansplained to me

14. No more writing in my notes app about you. Or anyone. I’m tired tonight and I just want to sleep. I’m listening to Pink in the back of my uber home and it’s late and I have to get up early and I’m ok, really. Life can be very sweet and good if I let it.

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