pink cadillac (in memoriam)

car crash simulation straight out of heaven / and you, in the driver’s seat (Jesus take the wheel!)

An illustration of a bright pink cadillac in front of a small petrol station in the middle of the de Illustration by Grace Reeve

car crash simulation straight out of heaven 

and you, in the driver’s seat (Jesus take the wheel!)

i’m obsessed with elvis and she’s speeding a pink cadillac 

down marinated suburbia

feet dusty with indecision

her hair whipping my thighs

black-clad Patti with a white dove

hangs rosary beads from rear-view mirrors


at what point does a painted line

              down the middle

                make a road?


me, the attention-hungry hitchhiker 

turning a thumb down for no more rides 

i trace lines along forearms 

paving new roads, a route 66 with 

grass growing through the seam

humming old-man melodies and dressed

in tulips and antiquated film 


the pink cadillac parks at a gas station

the proverbial church for truck drivers and 


the old adage: 

crimson comes in threes

like the curve of your gibson

in the moonlight

the careening highway in desert darkness

the eroded canyon valley, itching for an echo


you’re very rockstar, you know

she screams and grips the steering wheel

the engine croons out one last rock tune


elvis eventually auctions off the cadillac in graceland

and new york city burns in the rising sun 

to be anything but this is impossible for us

(you whisper: memento mori!)

life betrays art, art betrays death

something like that

and i watch you do everything

magnificently, gorgeously, divinely—

will you do the same for me?


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