Vivid from Inspiration | Blackout Poetry Competition, Third Place

it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment that ignited creative expression. the movement began further blurring the answer

An illustration with a black background. Across the image are scattered white music notes, a star, a

A blackout poem titled 'Vivid from Inspiration'. The original article has a black background with illustrations of white music notes surrounding the text. Most of the text is scribbled out in white, and the words that remain read: 'If we asked What does your mind chronicle? will your answer to the question be it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment that ignited creative expression. the movement began further blurring the answer   most may have worded the answer you grow the essence of truth. the vivid influence of your very own anthems  Most will debut through the embodiment of the unique, It’s hard to imagine we were from another world.  The debut like lightning a tangible shift undoubtedly breathed  I was known to have a lyrical imprint indisputable.  was writing a classic The Psychedelic symbiosis of the most unique experimentation spread like wildfire inspiration  Heart of the mostly morphed  You’ll notice initially a duo was born. Bursting In'The second page of a blackout poem with a black background and text scribbled out in white. Beneath the text are white illustrations of scattered music notes, a star, a microphone and a guitar. At the bottom of the page, white and grey hands reach up, some of them forming the 'rock' signal or a fist. The remaining text reads: broke boundaries Shake their inspiration They played until they heard new generations I don’t have to justify Dipping their angelic voices in this unforgettable sea I know, I classify as lyrics. alter earth In a heightened version of the world. defined as a philosophy it seems only natural their name plays music Listen

Source material: Punk's Vivid History - Everything from '80s Rom-Com Inspiraton to Christmas Jingles. Written by Christina Savopoulos and Carmen Chin. Illustrated by Ashlea Banon.

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