Just Right: My Experience with OCD

Three pieces of artwork: 'OCD Instruction Manual', 'On Off', and 'Transformed'

A cropped image of door handles, with text above that reads "OCD instruction manual"

An artwork titled 'OCD Instruction Manual'. It depicts 3 door handles. The first handle is untouched and is captioned 'Push Handle'. The second has been pushed downwards as if to open it, and is captioned 'all the way down'. The third shows the door handle coming loose from the door, and is captioned 'until it feels JUST RIGHT'.



An artwork depicting 9 light switches. In rows of 3, alternating from the on position, the light switch is shown to change from on to off repeatedly until the last image which is captioned 'Just Right'



An artwork showing a door, with the writing 'A world transformed by OCD might be hard to notice' on it. There are notes scattered around, detailing those things. Check the door is locked (again). Stand with both feet on the doormat. Don't step on the cracks. Remaining an equal distance between walls.