New Non-Fiction Art Books (Apr 2024)

Behind the Seams
  • Art of the Grimoire: An Illustrated History of Magic Books and Spells - Owen Davies 133.43 DAV

  • The Art of Tomii Masako Tomidoron - Tomii Masako Tomidoron 709.52 TOM

  • Parklife Hideaways: Cottages and Cabins in North America Parklands - Robert Klanten (Ed.) 728.7 PAR Folio

  • Persona Non Grata - Boogie 779.4 BOO Folio

  • Now Go: On Grief and Studio Ghibli -791.430952 SMI

  • Haunted Air: A Collection of Anonymous Hallowe'en Photographs America c.1875-1955 - Ossian Brown 779.9394260973 BRO

  • Orgy for Ten People in One Body - Isabelle Albuquerque 730.92 ALB Folio

  • Private Scenes - Masahisa Fukase 779.0952 FUK

  • Ward 81: Voices - Mary Ellen Mark 362.21 MAR Folio

  • Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones - Dolly Parton 782.421 PAR Folio

  • The House of Green: Natural Homes and Biophilic Architecture - Robert Klanten (Ed.) 720.47 HOU Folio

  • Velvet Terrorism: Pussy Riot's Russia - Pussy Riot 782.42166092 PUS Folio

  • Hypnotic Midday Movie: The Art of Simon Hanselmann 741.505 HAN

  • Harry Gruyaert - Harry Gruyaert 779.092 GRU

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