Covidsafe Events – Attendee Information

Hygiene & Cleaning

Before & After the event: Our spaces will be cleaned before and after each event. This clean will be completed before you arrive.

During the Event: There is a cleaning schedule to ensure frequent cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces in accordance with the most up to date health and safety advice.

Hygiene:  Union House has Sanitiser Stations in place at key entrance points. Please use these on entry to the event.

Physical Distancing

Union House has markings or reminders for physical distancing compliance for prevention of transmission. Capacities of spaces are advised on entry to a space. Please ensure you follow these directives.

Record Keeping

Consistent with Victorian Government protocols, UMSU will keep records of all who enter and spend longer than 15 minutes at our events for contact tracing purposes.

Upon arrival to an event, you will be asked to complete a QR Code Check In. The QR Code will record your name, phone number, time and space compliant with privacy obligations.

Face masks

Everyone must adhere to current government advice in regards to the wearing of face masks. A suitable fitted face covering must be carried at all times and worn when physical distancing is difficult to maintain.

Your responsibilities

  • Complete the COVIDSafe Campus online module 
  • You must do a symptom self-assessment prior to leaving home and not attend if you are unwell or have been instructed to isolate or quarantine.
  • Register for the event. Only valid ticket holders will be admitted.
  • Check in to the Event Space using the QR Code at entry.
  • You must maintain required physical distance between those from other groups at all times.
  • To minimise movement, stay within your allocated spaces or seats where practical.
  • Meet requirements for face covering, observe cough etiquette and personal hygiene measures.
  • During the event, you must follow any reasonable instruction provided to you by the event organisers.
  • Let the organiser know immediately if you become unwell during the event/meeting