Ripping, Planing, Coping Sawing

11 – 21 March 2014

Closing Night Thursday 20 March, 5 – 7pm

Robin Orams

Entrance Gallery

Ripping, Planing, Coping, Sawing draws attention to the work of the hand within the vanishing world of hand tools. Are we losing something as the skilled use of the hand becomes redundant in an age of mass production and power tools?

The ability to use hand tools was actively fostered until the latter part of the 20th Century, with boys and girls being taught their respective skills through careful instruction.

A series of small paintings on wooden blocks depicts images from a 1940s boys’ woodworking class. The paintings are dimly reflected by metal plates as they extend along the wall and metaphorically into the past. The exhibition recalls a time within living memory, but which is now remote from contemporary life.

Robin Orams investigates the complex and layered meanings that can be found within common experience. Using painting, printmaking and sculptural installations, she recontextualises familiar subjects, encouraging the viewer to closely scrutinize what is often overlooked. Her work reflects upon past human actions, inviting us to consider their significance in a contemporary context. She has received several awards, including the Fiona Myer and Myer Foundation International Travel Grant, which enabled her to undertake a recent printmaking residency in Barcelona.