BBQ and trestle table hire

“Barbecue might not be a road to world peace, but it’s a start.” ~ Anthony Bourdain

Let’s face it, a BBQ makes every event better. It’s a quintessential part of Uni life, a great way to make friends and an even better way to spend an afternoon in the sunshine.

BBQ Hire

BBQs are available for hire 10am–4pm weekdays. Each BBQ comes with a gas cylinder plus cleaning and safety equipment. They are fitted with flat cooking plates, 1150x500mm. Please note that we do not supply cooking utensils.

BBQs are only available to be used within the University of Melbourne Parkville Campus. You will need to book either University grounds or North Court depending on where your event is taking place. 

Although holding a BBQ is a fun thing to do, there are safety concerns that should be taken seriously. Please familiarise yourself with the BBQ hire procedure [PDF].

Affiliated Clubs: $30/day     Other: $55

*Prices shown are including GST. Please note that GST does not apply to UMSU Departments.  A $50.00 Cash deposit per BBQ is payable on pickup and can be collected the following day provided the BBQ is returned in a satisfactory condition.

Trestle Table Hire

Trestle Tables are poly-topped with metal folding legs. Dimensions: 1800(w) x 750(d) x 750(h)mm. Trestle Tables are not suitable for cooking on. Hot Items must not be placed directly on the tabletop. Care must be taken when folding legs out and packing down.

Affiliated Clubs: $11/day     Other: $11/day

Prices shown are including GST. Please note that GST does not apply to UMSU Departments.