Student Discount Deals

We all know that students like free and cheap things! Our Get Discounts page is a great opportunity for you to entice students to try your products or services by offering them an exclusive incentive.

A few guidelines:

  • All deals must be exclusive to University of Melbourne students
    • Our Get Discounts page is only accessible to students and staff so discount codes are a great option for online purchases. For in-store deals, students should be asked to present their University of Melbourne student card.
  • All deals must remain valid for the entire semester
  • The discount deals page is updated at the beginning of each semester
  • Bookings must be received by January 30 for Semester 1 and June 30 for Semester 2
  • Payment must be made by the commencement of each semester. Listings will not be published before payment is made
  • All listings will be automatically removed at the end of each semester/year unless the booking is renewed
Book a Facebook post or E-News as an add-on to advertise your discount deal, and you'll get a great discount from us! 

Note: All bookings must be approved by the UMSU Ethical Committee and adhere to UMSU’s Advertising Terms and Conditions