We're a club for people who have any interest in anime, manga and Japanese pop culture. We run daily anime screenings, as well as many events throughout the semester!


Whether it be carefully-crafted artistic masterpieces, intellectually stimulating works of a more philosophical nature, straight up adrenaline-infused action shows or anything in between, there’s always something to enjoy at the Anime and Manga Club.

We hold screenings every day of the week at around lunchtime, offering a wide range of shows to enjoy whilst eating your sandwich. Weekly screenings only scratch the surface, however, as we regularly hold anime & manga discussion events, whole day marathons, great trivia nights with prizes, movie nights, and even the occasional dinner outing at our sponsors. Whatever the event, it's great fun and an invaluable chance to chat with people who share some similar hobbies. You’re sure to have a blast!

So if you have any interest in anime, manga or Japanese pop culture at all, you might like to drop by our website or email us for more information. We’d love to hear from you!

Outside in-person events and activites, we are most active on our Discord server - feel free to join us anytime!

Club Aims:

  1. To promote the image and understanding of Anime and Manga in society.
  2. To provide information on the culture and language of Anime and Manga.
  3. To provide club members with easy access to Anime and Manga.
  4. To provide an atmosphere where club members can socialise with others who share the same interests.

Mailbox 99
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010


Monday Screening
3rd April noon - 1pm
Arts West, room 153 (Forum Theatre)
On Mondays, we're going to be watching Zombieland Saga! Zombieland Saga is a comedic idol anime, in which idols must revitalise Saga prefecture while hiding their identities. We'll be watching 2 episodes from the first season each week!
The logo of the Anime and Manga Club. Weekly Meetup
3rd April 1pm - 3pm
Chemistry Building, Room 158
The AMC Weekly Meetup happens every Monday after our Monday screening, and it is a chance to come along and get to know your fellow club members! At our meetups you can play games, talk about various anime topics and overall just have a chill time.
Tuesday Screening
4th April noon - 2pm
Old Arts, room 103
On Tuesdays, we'll be having a double screening! From 12-1pm, we'll be watching Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song, and from 1-2pm, we'll be watching Ao Ashi.
Wednesday Screening
5th April noon - 1pm
Old Geology, room G04
On Wednesdays, we'll be watching Log Horizon - an anime where gamers are taken from their usual lives and are forced to live in the game and adapt to their new reality. (Also, database.)
Thursday Screening
6th April 1pm - 2pm
Chemistry building, room 371 (Senior Theatre)
On Thursdays, we'll be watching Moriarty the Patriot - a new spin on Sherlock Holmes. We'll be watching 2 episodes each week!
Friday Screening
7th April noon - 2pm
Building 168, room 416 (Steve Howard Theatre)
On Fridays, we have a double screening which means we watch two anime! From 12-1pm, we'll be watching Yuru Camp△ Season 2, and from 1-2pm, we'll be watching Great Pretender.