Join us for a fun-filled year complete with movie screenings, dance workshops, trivia nights, Bollywood themed parties, picnics, golgappas and lots more! Spreading the magic of Bollywood on campus?

We are bringing the Bollywood magic to Melbourne University. Whether you want to widen your Bollywood exposure with Movie Screenings & Trivia Night, or learn the Bollywood craft with dance lessons or just chill out in the Theme Party, come along with friends and Relive Bollywood with us. Our club also aims to build a platform where people from all cultures can come together and enjoy the magic which is popularly known as  “Bollywood”.

Club Aims

  1. To promote Bollywood culture.
  2. To unite everyone through Bollywood irrespective of individual differences.
  3. To provide a platform to showcase various Bollywood art forms.
  4. To promote Bollywood and other Indian classical dances.

Mailbox 30, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010