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Indian Graduate Students Society

Indian Graduate Students Society is the biggest Indian club at the University of Melbourne catering to Indian students so that they a sense of Home away from Home in the University.


The Indian Graduate Students Society was established with the aim of making life easier for new Indian students in Melbourne and bringing current students together in a vibrant professional and recreational network. We understand that leaving Mom’s garma garam khaana and moving to a new country can be challenging, and getting used to no honking or roadside panipuri stalls can be even more daunting! So come and be part of a little bit of home — a club that celebrates all things Indian!

If you’ve always wanted to know what is balle balle, or are a huge fan of Bollywood or enjoy learning about Indian culture, our club doors are open to everyone.

Club Aims

  1. To create and sustain a vibrant network of Indian students and working professionals through celebrations of Indian festivals, cultural and recreational events.
  2. To ease the transition process of incoming Indian students into the University of Melbourne and address common issues faced by graduate students.
  3. To save the social and professional interests of the graduate Indian students by collaborating with corporations, national and international agencies.
  4. To celebrate and promote Indian culture within the University of Melbourne.

Indian Graduate Students Society

Mailbox 196
Level 4, Building 168
University of Melbourne VIC 3010