MUSEX is a social club for literally anyone to join- no matter if you're an exchange, international or local student. We host events nearly every week, everything from parties, dinners to excursions!

If you’re an exchange student, new to Melbourne or local wanting to make friends, we’re the club to join! MUSEX runs events nearly every week, such as parties and dinners, as well as a bunch of Melbourne centric adventures like laneway tours, river boat tours and camps! No matter where you're from or what you study - you're sure to feel welcome. We’re all about meeting like-minded people and having fun in this glorious city. Membership is only $5 and you don’t have to be an exchange student to join. 

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Club Aims:

  1. To assist returned exchange students to adapt back to Melbourne University Life.
  2. To create a forum to promote the exchange of information between past, current and future exchange students.
  3. To allow returned exchange students to interact and meet other students who have shared similar experiences.
  4. To promote the personal and community-based benefits of travel through exposure to different cultures.

Mailbox 7
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010