Our mission is to establish a visible community of Cambodian students and students who are interested in Cambodian culture and language within the university.


Club Aims:

  1. To strengthen the voice of the fast-growing number of Cambodian Students at the University of Melbourne and ensure that Cambodian Students are given equal chances to participate and voice their opinions on policies and regulations put forth by The University and/or The Union

  2. To build a network for Cambodian Students both within Australia and back on our home soil, fostering a sense of community and family to Cambodian graduates from the University of Melbourne starting from 2021. This club will ensure the significance positive impact brought upon by Cambodian students of today and tomorrow for both Australia and Cambodia

  3. To tighten the friendship between Australia and Cambodia in regards to culture, history and unique aspects of both countries. The Melbourne University Cambodian Student Society promises to promote the awe- inspiring stories obtained in Australia to Cambodians with the ultimate goal of bridging the South East Asia – Australia gap.

  4. To promote Khmer Culture to the world, allowing the beauty of the Kingdom of Wonder in all of her essence to shine on an international stage.

  5. To build a sense of belongings for Cambodian Students at the University of Melbourne. With many countries having a culture club of their own, the fast-growing number of Cambodian Students deserve a community to look after them at the University.

Cambodian Students Society

Mailbox 205
Level 4, Building 168
University of Melbourne VIC 3010