MUPSS’ provides Doctor of Physiotherapy students with ongoing resources and assistance. We deliver social and educational events to ensure one’s time in the DPT program is fun, supportive and enga


The Melbourne University Physiotherapy Students Society have set up a “MUPSS Facebook group”: which was used as the primary website for the club. The use of Facebook as the official webpage allowed easy access and distribution of information to all MUPSS members. Information regarding events, both social and educational, as well as consistent updates were distributed throughout the website.

All committee members of MUPSS had access to the Facebook page, allowing members responsible for different events to appropriately update the webpage. Due to the ease and simplicity of the webpage, the use of Facebook was successful for MUPSS this year and will be continued to be used in subsequent years.

Club Aims:

  1. Transition - To aid students in their transition from school to university life and from university into the workforce.
  2. Cohesiveness - To promote a sense of community and belonging amongst the Physiotherapy student body.
  3. Education/Informative - To inform the Physiotherapy student body of career paths and physiotherapy speciality areas.
  4. Networking - To provide interaction with Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy students from other Universities and other year levels.

School of Physiotherapy
University of Melbourne VIC 3010