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Aerospace and Rocket Engineering Society (ARES)

We engineer technologies for our competition entries & run events/workshops for our members. Join us to participate in Australian Universities Rocketry Competition & the Australian Rover Chall


The Aerospace and Rocket Engineering Society (ARES) is a group of students who have come together to design and engineer Aeronautical technology. That includes; planes, drones, helicopters, rockets and anything else you could possibly think of do with aerospace! In 2016, multiple teams of 3-5 people will join together to build and race Quadcopters. This club is a platform for learning, so if you have little experience fear not because we are here to step you though the process! Future club goals include building rockets, high altitude UAVs and remote controlled aeroplanes.

Club Aims:

  1. To create a practical, skill building environment that is easily accessible to students (especially with no prior skills).
  2. To use university learnt skills/theory to design and build aerospace technology (i.e. drones, planes, UAV, etc.).
  3. To create a healthy, competitive scene for building and racing aeronautical vehicles.
  4. To show students the practical design and build processes involved with engineering projects.
  5. To enter into national and global competitions.
  6. To give students a friendly/social environment to learn valuable engineering skills.

Mailbox 180, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne Vic 3010