Subject Tutoring at VCESS


We regret to announce that VCE Summer School (VCESS) will not be running in January 2024. This website is kept updated with the latest information. If you would like to speak with someone, contact

What do VCESS tutors do? 

Subject Tutors at VCESS provide subject-specific tutoring to year eleven and twelve students through guided private study, classroom lessons, one-on-one tutoring, and more. Each tutor focuses on a specific subject (or a few specific subjects) they know well and helps students start the year with a strong foundation. All VCESS volunteers must: 

  • Commit to promoting an inclusive and welcoming environment within the VCESS community for all students and tutors. 

  • Be a mentor (both personally and academically) to students whilst maintaining a level of professionalism appropriate to the program. 

  • Follow program rules and procedures (covered in training), and ensure students follow these too. 

Role Role Description

Subject Tutor – all VCESS volunteers provide subject tutoring  

Subject Tutor role description (PDF) 

Many tutors also volunteer for additional roles alongside subject tutoring. For example, creating academic content for subjects, living with our residential students, creating and promoting our daily Zine, or delivering a non-academic workshop on the history of chocolate.

Check out our Special Roles page to learn more about our other roles if you are interested! 

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Who are we looking for?  

Our tutors are passionate about what they teach and create a positive environment for learning. When choosing tutors, we consider why applicants want to be involved, understanding and commitment to the role, awareness of disadvantage in education, interpersonal and teaching skills, and knowledge about the chosen subject area. 

Tutors must have completed at least six months of tertiary education (university or similar) before tutoring in January and hold a valid Working With Children Check (which are free for volunteers). It is not necessary that tutors have studied VCE in high school (IB, interstate or international equivalents are fine!) or be students at the University of Melbourne (other universities or already graduated work too). 

What's involved in tutoring at VCESS?  

Tutoring one class involves five to seven contact hours over two weeks, with additional time required for lesson planning. 

Beyond this minimum involvement, many tutors take on multiple classes and opt into additional one-on-one tutoring time. Special Roles have various time commitments outlined in the relevant role description, from holding a group meeting each day to living on campus for two weeks. There are also opportunities to volunteer in brief roles for activities, workshops, and logistical support. 

But what's it really like volunteering at VCESS? If you'd prefer to hear from our past tutors themselves, check our our Tutor Testimonial page!

How do we support VCESS tutors?  

Mandatory training is provided for all VCESS tutors before they commence their role. This includes an introduction to the program and expectations of tutors, sharing teaching strategies and providing support on how to create and deliver effective lessons. Tutors are also briefed on disadvantage in education and the history of VCESS. We also organise pre-program social events for tutors to meet new people and ease into the VCESS community. 

As needed, the Directors are available before, during and after the program for any VCESS-related concerns. Support for tutors during the program is also available from our Welfare team (who help with wellbeing or exclusion concerns), TSO team (who help with lesson planning, teaching strategies or classroom management), and the Operations team (who help with logistics and access issues). 

Want to volunteer with us?

Volunteer applications for VCESS are currently closed​. If you would like to speak with someone, contact