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This year’s theme asks you to shift your perspective and use the notion of the mirror as a portal to look both within and without. Reach out into the strange and the unfamiliar, and from it sculpt the melted, shattered glass into something you recognise. Or instead, take the familiar and blow it up, let the fragments stick to the wall and from the pieces build a world of your own. We want you to take what you know to be true and flip it on its head. Show us your dark side, your ugly emotions, the works you feel 'don't belong', the incomplete and the almost real. Take aim and fire. We want you to reclaim the anger, and transform your rage. A looking glass is a portal between realms, so we want both the introspective and the investigative. Or, pull something else out of your hat and surprise us completely. Whatever it is, even if it’s just the spark of an idea, we want to hear it.

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