Event Description

Week 1 Meetup

1/03/2024 - 1/03/2024 4pm - 7pm

G02, Building 189

Card Crew



Hello everyone! For the newcomers, welcome to Card Crew! I am the secretary for this club, Henry, and I will be posting weekly announcements at the start of the week in which you can find the details for the session on Friday. For our old club members, welcome back! 


Just because school starts doesn’t mean you should stop having fun! So come and join us with a relaxing Friday afternoon to end the week! 


Info for our usual meetup this week (week 1):

Date: 1/3/2024 Friday

Time: 4pm - 7pm

Place: G02, Building 189


There will be poker, Saboteur, Dixit and feel free to bring your card games you want to introduce too! This week's free food is…… PIZZA!! 


Now, for the weekly bad jokes - 


Why did the magician get kicked out of the card game?

Because every time he shuffled, he kept pulling a "disappearing act" with the aces!

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