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Student Artist Spotlight — Archive

Thank you to all the incredible students who submitted their work to the Student Artist Spotlight in 2021!

Check out all the gorgeous art below!

(note: due to the transition to the new website, most art from 2021 is currently unavailable and will be uploaded here from scratch intermittedbly, and may be a slow process due to Creative Arts department currently being at max capacity with preparations for Tastings 2022)

Semester 2 Weekly Submissions

Final Week

1) Monica Yu – Golden Tiger(Standout Submission)
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2) Pooja Goel – Undefined (Standout Submission)
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This art is named undefined as there were literally no tags that Pooja could put on her. She has got beauty, elegance, grace, royalty, and every majestic attribute possible. Neither does she represent every woman, nor can she be like anyone. In her own, she is a masterpiece and stands “Undefined”.

3) A. Buchanan – No place like home

4) Tharidi Walimunige – Dusk

5) Pallavi Bharwani – Paintings of Pictures From My Gallery: State Library of NSW