Submit to Tastings

This year, we will be hosting events in the fields of short film, photography, dance, battle of the bands, and theatre in collaboration with Union House Theatre. We want to hear from YOU!
As part of the Artist team, you will be supported by your Creative Arts Officers throughout the development of your Tastings project. Plus, you will get a platform for you to showcase your art without the pressure of a full-scale production or exhibition!
Tastings will run from 19-23 August, showcasing all the talent and creative ideas!
Quick facts:
  • Submissions for short film, photography, dance and battle of the bands HERE. Applications close on 29 July.
  • Theatre submissions HERE. Applications close on 1 July.

Not sure where to start? Email us at for more information, and to arrange a meeting to talk about your Tastings project ideas!

Please find all the submission guidelines for each category below!