2022 UMSU By-Elections

Notice of UMSU By-elections

A by-election is required for positions on the UMSU Indigenous Committee, Burnley Campus Committee, General Secretary, Activities Officer, and Welfare Officer positions.  Nominations are now open and voting will be held 4-6 April 2022 (see timeline below).

These by-elections are regulated by the UMSU Constitution and Election Regulations, both of which are available as links below. All by-election information will be posted to this page and all forms that election participants need can be found here also. For all election related questions, the Returning Officers' details are located below.

Notice of UMSU By-Elections, Election timeline and Forms: 

Election Rules:

Election Forms:


Alternatively, if you do not wish to submit a Google Form of the 2022 Nomination Form please use this soft copy format. Please direct any questions to Gavin Ryan, Returning Officer or Jarrod Allen, Deputy Returning Officer umsureturningofficer@gmail.com


Please direct any questions to Gavin Ryan, Returning Officer, or Jarrod Allen, Deputy Returning Officer, at umsureturningofficer@gmail.com.