Casual Vacancy

Notice of Casual Vacancy — Welfare Office

A casual vacancy has arisen for the position of  Welfare Officer. Lynne Bian submitted their resignation as Welfare Officer effective 28 February 2022. On 27 January 2022, Yuvhashni Sugunan Pillai resigned from their position as Welfare Officer. Consequently, there is now a Casual Vacancy for the Welfare Office. At the next scheduled meeting of the Welfare Committee on Friday 11 March 2022 at 4.00pm, the Committee will consider filling the casual vacancy as per C6.12(c)(d) of the UMSU Constitution. The meeting will be held on Zoom Password: 729141. A by-election will be held to permanently fill the position.

The aims and objectives of the Welfare department are:
  • to oversee the activities of UMSU in areas related to Student welfare, including but not limited to Student poverty, racism, accessibility constraints, physical and mental health issues, marginalisation, discrimination and harassment;
  • to raise awareness of the diversity of Student experiences and ensure UMSU and the University are safe, accessible and respectful of diversity;
  • to liaise with Student service providers to ensure that all Students can participate fully in UMSU and the University;
  • to raise awareness of support services available for Students facing difficulties; and
  • to provide Students with awareness of safe-sex practices and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, and to distribute information on sexual health issues.
  When selecting a student to fill the vacancy, the Committee must consider the following criteria:
  • Previous experience;
  • Involvement in UMSU, department, collective, committee, Students’ Council or any body thereof;
  • Previous or current holding of an Officer position in UMSU;
  • Proven honesty and integrity;
  • Proven commitment to the aims and objectives of UMSU (as outlined in our Constitution).

Please note that the person must be a member of UMSU and an enrolled student at the University of Melbourne to fill the casual vacancy.    For further details or queries, please contact the President via email.