Students' Council Round Up: 10(22) + 11(22)

While everyone was in Europe, I was in council.


You've just yee'd your last haw.

Welcome to the Farrago UMSU Students' Council Round Up, where we tell you what's happening at your Student Union. Council 10(22) happened 17 June at 2pm. Council 11(22) happened 7 July at 1pm.

While everyone was in Europe, your poor student representatives fought away in Council twice! Council 10(22) happened so long ago and I wasn’t in attendance for Council 11(22) so unfortunately, I have to apologise for what is… my true nightmare… bad reporting. I am doing both in this Round Up because I don’t think I know or remember enough for separate articles!

I recommend you read the livetweet if you wish to know in detail. Unfortunately, there was no livetweet for Council 11(22) as I was learning how to Safely Work in the Rail Corridor.


Membership changes: Oh no! Josh Davis resigned from Council in 10(22). Boo! There are no more white boys favourable to Farrago. Who else will we put on a pedestal for no rational reason? Other resignations include from Council 11(22) Sami Zehir from Activities, Nishank Jain from Council, Jessica Alderston from Council. Benjamin Cronshaw (ISD) has been appointed to Council.

A Short Council is a Good Council: Council 11(22) opened at 1.24pm and closed at 1.58pm. As it should! Nothing substantial was discussed outside of Motion 11.1. Meanwhile, horror Council 10(22) opened at 2:05pm and closed at 5:10pm where most of the discussion was devoted to OB Reports, In Camera, and Motion 10.2.

Motion 10.2: This motion moved to suspend the acceptance of any new club applications to affiliate with UMSU until the C&S Department has undergone staffing and resource review and is determined to be properly resourced to accommodate the intake of new clubs. Clubs & Societies OBs Benito Di Battista and Eleanor Cooney Hunt stated that the temporary pause to accepting applications was necessary–staff and resources are overwhelmed and there needs to be a serious review of the department to ensure it can continue sustainably. Opposition to this motion included: students might not be able to join clubs they’re interested in (there are over 200 clubs); that the motion is contrary to regulations and the constitution; and that a review should occur first before an applications suspension. The motion passed with an amendment.

Best Motion of Council 10(22): The Procedural motion (To end the debate and move to a vote on the motion) moved by Moira Negline for Motion 10.2. Council had gone on too long.

Best Motion of Council 11(22): The Motion 11.1 Administrative salary increase for staff under EBA comes a second close to what I think is the best motion so far: 11.2 Burnley Outdoor Heater. From the $250 for a heater, the misspelling of ‘Operations’, and the fact that no one from Burnley passed this motion… I think it is truly a beautiful motion.

Best Zoom Name of Council 10(22) and 11(22): Nothing notable.

Best Speaker of Council 10(22): Jasmine.

Best Speaker of Council 11(22): Nina Mountford for her articulate speech about how Southbank OB role is incompatible with Southbank workload and course structure. She stated that she would resign after Winterfest. Nina has since resigned, alongside Benito Di Battista (Clubs) and Lynne Bian (Welfare). Please send your headshot to


Next Council will happen Thursday 4 August at 2pm. Unfortunately, there will not be a livetweet as I will be in class!

If you want to read more about what happens at Council, you can find meeting minutes on the UMSU website, depending on whether or not the General Secretary does their job. You can also read the Farrago livetweet on our Twitter.

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