Students' Council Round Up: 3(22)

Giddy Up! Yeehaw! Second council! Already losing my brain!


You've just yee'd your last haw.

Welcome to the Farrago UMSU Students' Council Round Up, where we tell you what's happening at your Student Union.

Last Council happened Last Thursday 17 February at 11am.


A very nothing council: It was a generic council, with no spice or flavour. The most interesting thing to happen mayhaps was President Sophie Nguyen messaging Farrago just to let us know she was listening to Taylor Swift on her Echo Dot. First Sophie is involved in M-ASS, next she uses an Amazon product. Our problematic queen!

A very speedy council: Council opened at 11am, council closed at 12:06pm. It’s almost as if Farrago knew that it was going to be boring and therefore, not worth the livetweet.

UMSU Enviro: Ikea Bear Strikes Again: UMSU Enviro Office Bearers (OBs) Chelsea Daniel and Zach Matthews were once again spotted on the couch with Djungelskog of Ikea Bear fame. Sustainability is real! And in case you're wondering what to get Media OB Charlotte Waters for her birthday, it's a Djungelskog.

Best Speaker of Council 3(22): Unfortunately, Josh Davis was not at council and therefore we cannot award the Best Speaker of Council award.


The schedule for Council was distributed in the last agenda however, a Doodle poll was sent out as the previous schedule was not suitable for all members. Farrago anticipates the next council to happen within the first weeks of Semester 1.

If you want to read more about what happens at Council, you can find meeting minutes on the UMSU website, depending on whether or not the General Secretary does their job.

See you cowboys soon for the next Farrago Round Up. Giddy up!

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