Students' Council Round Up: 5(22)

I walk... a very lonely road...


You've just yee'd your last haw.

Welcome to the Farrago UMSU Students' Council Round Up, where we tell you what's happening at your Student Union. Last Council happened on Tuesday 22 March at 12pm.

I would like to apologise for how late this piece is. I would also like to note that this council, unfortunately, has escaped my memory–and with no Farrago livetweet to call back on, this Round Up is limited.


Leave of Absences: A by-election is upon us, and that means Councillors and OBs requesting Leave of Absence in order to campaign. What is noted in the agenda for Council 5(22) is that Kaitlyn Hammond (Burnley), Prachi Uppal (Disabilities), and Ruby Craven (EdPub) requested Leave. Although Amelia Bright (Gen Sec) has also requested Leave–approved by the Operations Subcommittee, and so I imagine other OBs and Councillors have gone down that avenue as well.

OB Reports: Josh Davis (Councillor, ISD) asked why there were no reports from Sami Zehir (Activities) and Lynne Bian (Welfare). Sami was not in attendance to answer this. Lynne  gave an oral report, saying that she has been incredibly busy.

No Djungelskog: Enviro failed us again this council. No Ikea Bearspotting.

Welfare on Media: Lynne Bian (Welfare) criticised the Media Department for their reporting of her resignation. Bian expressed disappointment over the Department’s initial failure to report that she had resigned to force a casual vacancy, which lead to a series of critical comments under Farrago’s post as well as direct messages which were sent to Lynne. Farrago was also criticised for their reporting via an Instagram story of a chalkboard from the Welfare office which had the word “shame” written on it.

Best Speaker of Council 5(22): A foggy memory makes this a bad report, but I’m just going to give it to Josh Davis.


Next Council is happening Week 6, Thursday 7 April at 12pm. It will be better covered and accompanied by a livetweet–I promise.

If you want to read more about what happens at Council, you can find meeting minutes on the UMSU website, depending on whether or not the General Secretary does their job. You can also read the Farrago livetweet on our Twitter.

See you cowboys soon for the next Farrago Round Up. Giddy up!



Disclosure: The author, Joanna Guelas, was involved heavily in the discussions concerning Welfare and Media at Council 5(22); Joanna is one of the four Media Office Bearers.

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