Students' Council Round Up: 7(22)

Fighting? In your Students' Council? It's more likely than you think.


You've just yee'd your last haw.

Welcome to the Farrago UMSU Students' Council Round Up, where we tell you what's happening at your Student Union. Last Council happened on Friday, 29 April at 1pm.

Apologies for a late Round Up. I, along with everyone, am still processing last Council. Remember, you can read the livetweet here for more information about what happened last council!


Students’ Council, Motion 9.6.1, and the Formal Debate:
CW: Israel-Palestine, racism, anti-semitism, anti-palestinianism, genocide, war, death.

Farrago smelt tension when a procedural motion to move directly to Item 9.6.1 UMSU stands with Palestine–BDS and Solidarity Policy was moved. The motion discussed occured in the form of a Formal Debate, as outlined in R18 of the Standing Orders. Essentially, the speaker of the motion has a maximum of 6 minutes to speak, the seconder has a maximum of 3, and every speaker after has a maximum of 3. The debate must alternate between a speaker for and a speaker against. This motion was heavily discussed in the debate and I recommend you read the livetweet or the minutes (they will be uploaded after being confirmed at Council 8(22)) as they will be more thorough than this Round Up. The discussion around this Motion resulted in numerous people getting named and removed from the Zoom meeting. Council also saw an attendance of over 120 people when this motion was being discussed. The debate ended with a procedural to move to a vote. The motion passed.

Students’ Council, Motion 9.5, and the Two Party System: Ah yes, Motion 9.5 UMSU Condemns the politics of the Liberal and Labor party in this election. Again, I recommend reading the livetweet or the minutes after they’ve been confirmed and uploaded for a better grasp on the discussion that occurred. The discussion around this motion was long, and ended in the way most tense motions end: with a procedural to move to a vote. The motion failed.

Membership changes: Benjamin Jarick (EdPub) and Prachi Uppal (Disabilities) have resigned. “Who will be left by November?” Farrago asks.

The Clubs & Society Department? Overworked? It’s more likely than you think!: Eleanor (Clubs) stated that the C&S department is overworked and needs the appointment of another permanent employee so that clubs can get the attention and support they need while administrative duties are also being managed. Phoebe (interim CEO) said that conversations are currently taking place to resolve this issue however, they face several issues re: funding. But! The review process is already happening, says Phoebe. The Italian Stallion also made an appearance to talk on this issue. His contribution was noted.

They want to change the Constitution or smth: Between incredibly tense political motions, Council discussed changes to the Constitution which work to include a CEO Contract Oversight Committee (in case ya missed it, our CEO of over ten years Resigned and UMSU needs to find a new one </3). Highlights of this discussion included Boomer Phoebe appearing. The motions discussing these changes passed and there will be an SGM next Thursday, 17 May at 12:40pm at North Court.

Farrago FarrATTACKED!: When speaking on 9.4, Shirley (SAlt) called Farrago a ‘crappy magazine’—her argument was that UMSU as a student union should be doing more than organising Bands, Bevs, & BBQs and putting out a ‘crappy magazine’ (Farrago). She has since issued an apology: “im sorry i dont actually know why i called farrago crappy i was possessed [sic]”. As always: Farrago Farraforgives, but Farrago never Farraforgets. It’s actually really hard to make a magazine, Shirley </3

Best Zoom Name of Council 6(22): Benito once again for Benito dog, Bonito Di Battista.
I also received a vote for Millie: “Millie for being “Madam General-Secretary” during formal debate.” (Anon).

Best Speaker of Council 6(22): I don’t think Josh Davis spoke at this Council. Did he even attend? I can’t remember. Best Speaker of Council 6(22) goes to Millie for being a baddie.


Next Council is happening today (Friday 13 May, 1pm)! Sorry! I’m busy! I do four units! I want to graduate on time!

If you want to read more about what happens at Council, you can find meeting minutes on the UMSU website, depending on whether or not the General Secretary does their job. You can also read the Farrago livetweet on our Twitter.


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