Students' Council Round Up: 9(22)

Burnley goes ham with motions.


You've just yee'd your last haw.

Welcome to the Farrago UMSU Students' Council Round Up, where we tell you what's happening at your Student Union. Last Council happened on Friday, 29 April at 1pm.



Attendance: I didn’t take down numbers but it was more than student politicians attending this Council. Notable attendees include Palestinian organiser Jeanine Hourani and Fahad Ali.

Letter from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (People & Community) on behalf of the Provost: Not your student union being told off by its university’s management. To be fair, UMSU wasn’t told off–the letter merely expressed “disappointment” at reports that Councillors were “seeking to initiate changes” to UMSU’s existing governance (Surprise! The letter wasn’t about the Palestine motion! What was it about exactly? We’ll never know!).

Where in the world is Sami Zehir?: Not sure! But Josh Davis asked about missing OB reports including Activities, Clubs & Soc, and Southbank. He was very nice about it though–and OBs gave their verbal reports.

Council is Best Friends with ‘In Camera’: So long! It took so long! It was an hour and 24 minutes. Insane. What were they talking about? One can infer about rescinding the Palestine - BDS motion judging by the very long and very tense discussion about rescinding the Palestine - BDS motion out of camera.

Rescinding the Palestine - BDS motion: It was rescinded.

In Camera? Twice? It’s more likely than you think: In Camera? Twice? It’s more likely than you think.

Best Motion of Council 9(22): 9.11: Online Sound Bathing. Made me laugh, that’s all.

Best Zoom Name of Council 9(22): No one deserves this award.

Best Speaker of Council 9(22): Moira Negline. Please send your headshot to


Next Council will happen Friday 17 June at 2pm.

If you want to read more about what happens at Council, you can find meeting minutes on the UMSU website, depending on whether or not the General Secretary does their job. You can also read the Farrago livetweet on our Twitter.

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