President's News – 13 May 2024

UMSU is committed to safe student activism – and we have a guide for that!


The University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) firmly believes in the right to peaceful protest and actively supports students in raising their voices for equity and justice.

Alongside over 100 human rights and advocacy organisations, UMSU is a signatory to the Human Rights Law Centre's Declaration of Our Right to Protest and the Australian Democracy Network's Protest Rights Declaration.

For decades, student activism has been a driving force here at the University of Melbourne, with generations of students passionately speaking out against injustice and pushing for positive change in our community.

At UMSU, we are dedicated to ensuring that all student activism is conducted safely and with a thorough understanding of legal rights and responsibilities. To support you, we offer comprehensive guidance through our Legal and Advocacy services. We also encourage students looking to engage in activism to consult our Safe Student Activism guide, which provides essential information on navigating the complexities of protest rights more broadly and also as a UniMelb student.

To learn more about participating in student activism safely and responsibly, please visit our Safe Student Activism page.


Disha Zutshi
UMSU President

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