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President's News - 8 July 2024

UMSU calls on the University of Melbourne to respect and protect students' fundamental human rights.

President's News — 12 June 2024

UMSU's stance on war in Gaza.

President's News – 13 May 2024

UMSU is committed to safe student activism – and we have a guide for that!

President's News — 16 October 2023

The results of the referendum last Saturday are incredibly disappointing, hurtful and frustrating. UMSU acknowledges and respects the call for a week of silence shared by Indigenous leaders following the result.

President's News - 22 September 2023
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The Racism at Unimelb survey aims to capture experiences of racism of students of colour at the University of Melbourne, the findings of the report will form the base of the third edition of the Racism at Unimelb Report.

President's News — 15 May 2023

Statement from UMSU Queer re: Email from Dean of Arts regarding Fight Transphobia UniMelb stickers

President's News - 28 September 2023
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The University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) supports ‘yes, but...’ in the upcoming Voice to Parliament referendum on 14 October.

President's News — 17 May 2023

“No one left behind”? Statement on Federal Budget.

President's News – 16 May 2023

UMSU stands in solidarity with the Sudanese community and calls for an end for the war in Sudan

President's News – 21 April 2023

Student Solidarity Pledge with the NTEU

President's News — 3 March 2023

Student Voice Via Student Representation: UMSU Position on MSF

President's News — 19 October 2022

//CW: Sexual assault and harassment, stealthing, online abuse//

President's News — 6 October 2022

UMSU Stands in Solidarity with Protests Against the Iranian Government

President's News — 2 September 2022

UMSU Stands in Solidarity with the MSA and Monash Muslim Students

President's News — 26 August 2022

Psssst – hey UniMelb, want to improve your QILT score? UMSU’s here to help!

President's News — 12 August 2022

Statement regarding proposed "UMSU Stands with Palestine - BDS and Solidarity Policy".

President's News — 30 June 2022

Statement regarding UMSU Motion on Palestine and consultation process.

President's News — 6 May 2022

Statement regarding 'UMSU stands with Palestine - BDS and Solidarity Policy' motion.

President's News — 29 March 2022

CW: Sexual Assault and Harassment.

President's News — 16 March 2022

Divest Now, UniMelb!

President's News — 7 March 2022

A statement from the UMSU President, Women's and Southbank Departments on sexual misconduct at the University of Melbourne.

President's News — 1 March 2022

A statement on Ukraine — UMSU stands in solidarity with Ukraine against current military attacks from Russia.

President's News — 23 February 2022

Validate your vaccination status NOW to avoid de-allocation from your in-person classes!

President’s News – 11 January 2022

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a restful holiday and continue to stay safe.