President's News – 30 November 2023


The Racism at the University of Melbourne Edition 3 report has been published a few weeks back, please find it attached below.

Read the report online here.

The survey received 855 responses, 17x the number of responses we’ve received over the last two years the report and the experiences shared are horrific, disheartening and infuriating. Please take care when reading the report.

Thank you to all students who bravely spoke up and entrusted us with their experiences, and we extend our solidarity to those who couldn’t. The recommendations to the University of Melbourne have expanded to 14 this year and we’ve been working with them into implementing them. In a positive shift, the work on anti-racism will hopefully begin next year.

Pressure and collective action works, it took us 3 years of racism reports, surveys and meetings and we’re getting there.

We work to amplify your voices and ensure that change happens and deliver a better student life for all. In the meantime, we will be sharing the report with external community organisations and government to maintain external pressure and encourage other universities to implement a similar campaign.

The approach to anti-racism is top-down, university executive must begin by publicly acknowledging the report and the experiences of students in it to gain your confidence in anything they implement and UMSU will keep pushing on that front

Our time in the union has come to an end, today marks the last day of our terms at UMSU. We hope the work continues from here both within UMSU and the University


Signing off for the last time,

Hiba Adam 

Mohamed Hadi Omer
People of Colour Officer

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