We believe in sustainability, community and creativity. Based in MSD we provide you with access to an inventory of donated model making materials, run technical skills workshops and much more.


At Archicle we believe in sustainability, community and creativity. We provide you with access to a full inventory of donated model making materials to help reduce your expenses. We also provide workshops, run by our very own MSD students, for you to enhance and develop your software skills. If you would like to know more about us and what we do, follow our Facebook and Instagram account at archicle.group, or get in touch via email. Otherwise, we will see you around at the MSD.

Club Aims

  1. To foster a sustainable community by promoting re-purposing model making materials and exchange of model making knowledge between students of the ABP Faculty.
  2. To significantly reduce the amount of waste model making material within the ABP faculty and to provide the same to students at a much cheaper rate.
  3. To hold digital and physical model making workshops throughout the semester to help up-skill the students
  4. To establish a platform where knowledge can flow between graduate and undergraduate cohorts of the ABP Faculty.

Room 208, Glyn Davis Building, Melbourne School of Design
The University of Melbourne 3010

Introduction to Archicle from Archicle on Youtube.