UHT Awards & Party


UHT Awards ✨

What an incredible year of student theatre it has been. Thank you to all our student theatre groups that deliver exceptional performances and fun processes when they create theatre - while balancing uni, work and social life. In our eyes, everyone is a winner. But as tradition, this year, the student theatre community and UHT staff have selected the below award winners.


2023 Award Winners

Hannah Barry Memorial Award 
Brodie Murray

Louise Homfrey Trust Prize
Elaine Yen Yan Wong
Hazel Pigrum

Murray Sutherland Trust Prize
Gryff Connah 
Emma Parfitt 

Dancehouse award for a dance maker and lover
Simin Dolatkhah

La Mama Award for an emerging theatre maker
James Madsen-Smith

UHT Peer Mentor Award for Sick Creative Unconventional New Theatremaker
Julie Tran

MTC Robert McDonald Award for a student theatre maker
Bridie Noonan

UHT Peer & Self Nominated Awards

UHT Outstanding Performer Award
Mietta Kerger: UMMTA's 'Spamalot'

UHT Best New Work Award
Ethan Francis-D'Amour: Four Letter Word Theatre's 'The Scarlet Sun'

UHT Outstanding Direction Award
Charlotte Rogers: Short Straw Theatre Company's | Four Letter Word Theatre's 'The Effect | Lord of the Flies'

UHT Best Ensemble Award
'Scalpels Out': Medleys the Med Revue

UHT Outstanding Costume, Hair or Makeup Design Award
Eden McLean and Ella McDermott: MUSC's 'Patience | Patroclus and Achilles'

UHT Oustanding Lighting Design Award
Jacques Cooney-Adlard: Short Straw Theatre Company's 'The Effect'

UHT Outstanding Sound Design Award
Erik Havryluk: UMMTA's 'Sitzprobe 2023 | Spamalot'

UHT Oustanding Set Design Award
Juliana Neild, Stephanie Nguyen and Nathan Dinh: UMMTA's 'Spamalot'

MTC Backstage Awards
Natasha Wilson - UMMTA's 'Spamalot'
Estella Koce - UMMTA's 'Sitzprobe 2023' | Mudfest'
Chloe Baxter - Medleys the Med Revue's 'Scalpels Out'

UHT Instagram Famous Award
Grace Pandy: Newman Theatre Association's 'The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon'

UHT Emerging Artist Award
Lewis Nicolson: Flare Dance Ensemble's 'Feast'

UHT Stepping out of Comfort Zone
Alina Konovalov: International House's 'This is not what I ordered'

UHT Skilful Show Juggler Award
Esther Luk: Sitzprobe 2023 | Spamalot | Charlie's Cultish Christmas | The Scarlet Sun | Emergency Exit 

UHT Magical Music Award
Milo Cooper: Ormond College Drama Society's 'Spring Awakening'

UHT Good Egg Awards
Oscar Lidgerwood
Weiying (Irene) Lu
Sonya Chong
Sophia Murphy

Congratulations to all our award winners and nominees ✨