President's News — 19 October 2022

//CW: Sexual assault and harassment, stealthing, online abuse//


//CW: Sexual assault and harassment, stealthing, online abuse//


UMSU calls on the University of Melbourne to take immediate steps to review and amend its Sexual Misconduct and Prevention Policy in line with the new Victorian Affirmative Consent Laws.


What does affirmative consent mean?


For consent to be reasonable, a person must have taken steps by saying or doing something to determine if the other person consents – simply, it must be a clear and enthusiastic go-ahead.

This can include but isn’t limited to verbally asking and getting a ”yes”, a physical gesture like a nod or reciprocating a move such as removing clothes.

Even if a person meets this minimum requirement to take steps, their belief in consent must still be reasonable in all the circumstances – for example, taking into consideration if the steps went far enough or if there were cues such as pushing away the accused’s hand or facial reactions.

Furthermore, in circumstances where there is no consent to an act, including the removal, non-use or tampering of contraception – commonly referred to as ”stealthing” – without the other person’s consent is a crime.

Sign the petition to incorporate these changes in our Sexual Misconduct and Prevention Policy!


UMSU President (Sophie Nguyen) & UMSU Women's department (Kraanti Agarwal)


Support Resources

Sexual Assault Crisis Support Line (24/7):

1800 806 292

1800 Respect (24/7):

1800 737 732

UMSU Sexual Harm and Response Coordinators

The UMSU Sexual Harm and Response Coordinators support making complaints to the University, reporting to the police, and appropriate referrals to therapeutic services. Contact them via their webpage HERE.

University of Melbourne, Safer Community Program

Provides advice and support to University of Melbourne students who have been affected by sexual violence and harassment. Visit their website HERE.


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