President's News — 2 September 2022

UMSU Stands in Solidarity with the MSA and Monash Muslim Students


UMSU Stands in Solidarity with the MSA and Monash Muslim Students

UMSU stands in solidarity with the MSA (Monash Students’ Association) and supports Muslim students as they protest for more prayer rooms at Monash University. 

The Monash Islamic Society at Monash University has been lobbying for appropriate prayer spaces since 2018. Recently the Islamic society held protests outside their Vice Chancellors’ office in response to the University’s abrupt decision to take back an offer of adequate prayer facilities for Muslim students on campus. Currently the prayer facilities accommodate 8 men and 8 women, even though there are over 200 students who use the spaces weekly.

The conditions of the rooms are terrible, with reports of water leaking from the ceiling, improper maintenance, poor disability access, and forcing students to take care of the space themselves. This is highly concerning as other universities, such as our own, have proper facilities to accommodate many students. Students at MSA have organised pray-in protests that will continue daily until their demands are met.

UMSU supports the ongoing pray-in protests held by Muslim students at Monash. We condemn the Monash University management for their failure to meet student needs and call on them to work proactively with the MSA to establish adequate spaces for Muslim students. 

Read more:

  • MSA Statement (click here)
  • ABC News Article (click here)

Sophie Nguyen 
UMSU President

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