President's News — 6 May 2022

Statement regarding 'UMSU stands with Palestine - BDS and Solidarity Policy' motion.


Students' Council recently passed a resolution to join with unions from around the world in Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against the state of Israel. 

BDS is a non-violent action to put economic and diplomatic pressure on the State of Israel through peaceful tactics. The broad aim of BDS is to both promote human rights and to ensure consistency with international law to achieve “freedom, justice and equality”. These aims were the key drivers of the UMSU resolution.  

I acknowledge that this is a complex issue that generates strong and polarised views. 

UMSU deplores and denounces bigotry and hate speech in all its forms. Such behaviour should not be tolerated at our university and does not reflect who we are.

As a representative democratic organisation, UMSU has mechanisms with which all students are encouraged to engage. Your voices are crucial in ensuring that our diverse student body is heard and represented.  

Our highest priority, as always, is to ensure the safety of all students.  

If you or anyone you know has been affected by the UMSU motion, I encourage you to contact me directly at

Avenues for complaint outside of UMSU: 


Sophie Nguyen 
UMSU President

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