President's News — 6 October 2022

UMSU Stands in Solidarity with Protests Against the Iranian Government


UMSU Stands in Solidarity with Protests Against the Iranian Government 

CW: violence, misogyny & death? 

On 16 September, Mahsa Amini died in custody after being detained by ‘morality police’ who accused her of not complying with Iran's hijab laws. She was 22.  

Since her death, thousands of protesters, including students, have taken the streets to fight against the Government’s oppression of basic civil liberties for women. These peaceful protests have been met with violence, hostility, and military power. There have been reports of over 50 deaths since protests began, although exact numbers remain unknown. The Iranian government’s actions have been declared by some as gross human rights violations.? 

UMSU stands in solidarity with the protests that are occurring in Iran. We support our student counterparts in Tehran at the Sharif University of Technology and other universities for their bravery and commitment to their women's rights movement. We condemn the use of riot police to crack down on peaceful protests, causing injury to students in their own university.?

UMSU condemns the Iranian government for imposing laws that limit women’s choices and bodily autonomy.?We support the UN Secretary General’s call to President Raisi to respect human rights, including freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association.?

UMSU acknowledges that this is a difficult time for our Iranian students here at the University of Melbourne. We want to assure you that you are welcome here and that we are here for you. 

If you, or anyone you know needs assistance, please visit?here.?? 

Sophie Nguyen 
UMSU President

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