“Brilliant, extremely patient tutors. Deep knowledge of subject matter, couldn’t ask for more.” – 2016 VCESS Student

Academic Program

VCE Summer School provides academic support to students in each of the subjects they’ll be studying for the coming year. Taught by a team of tutors who are experts in their field, content will be delivered through a series of tutorials, lectures and independent tasks for students to complete. Tutors will also provide tips, tricks and pointers to achieving the best results in VCE.  Many of our tutors are available for one-on-one tutoring throughout the program. A place in the Academic Program covers all classes and materials, participation in the Activities program and any focused tutoring students require. 

Please note: Vocational Education & Training (VET), Higher School Certificate (HSC) and International Baccalaureate (IB) subjects are not offered at VCE Summer School, but students may opt to take their VCE equivalent if they wish to attend the program.

 If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Activities & Workshops

“The mix between educational and extracurricular activities provided a nice balance between work and fun.” – 2020 VCESS Student

Summer School is not just about studying! We organise a variety of activities between academic classes to help students build teamwork skills, experience the social side of university life and have loads of fun while meeting VCE students from all around Victoria.

We run several hour-long workshops to complement the academic program and equip students with skills beyond VCE. Students select which workshops to participate in, with options ranging from sports to academic skills to life skills.

Activities and Workshops for the 2022 program will be announced later in the year. Previously offered workshops  include:

  • Get That Job! Tips for Tackling Job Interviews
  • Stand and Deliver: Public Speaking Tips and Tricks
  • Film Studies
  • Auslan for Beginners
  • Activism 101
  • Crochet for Beginners
  • Understanding Shakespeare
  • Ninjutsu
  • A Basic Introduction to Climate Change
  • Statistics and Chocolate

Program Structure in 2022 (Adapting to COVID-19)

In person component: Students will be invited onto the University of Melbourne campus to meet with peers and tutors for informal study, events, and workshops for four days during the program. We will organise a tour of the University campus, an opportunity to attend a VCE English lecture and various workshops focused on wellbeing, practical learning, and study skills. Students can meet with tutors from a variety of study areas to ask questions about academic content and to explore their options for future study. 

All students attending on-person elements of the program will need to have completed their vaccination course or have a recognised medical exemption due to university requirements. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

Online component: For VCESS 2022, academic classes will be delivered online through academic tutorials with a VCESS tutor with a subject booklet provided for each subject. This means the delivery of academic classes at VCESS will not be affected by any isolation requirements, inability to travel, or other changes that may occur in January.

We recognise the importance of balance and time away from working online, so long breaks and independent study support will be provided during the academic program. Asynchronous work and optional tutor help times will be available through subject booklets and online drop-in sessions with VCESS tutors.

Limited online events and workshops will also be organised, and in-person academic material such as the VCE English lecture will be recorded for students.

You can read more about the program details in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Residential Program

We offer a residential program to support students from rural and regional backgrounds (where COVID-safe guidelines allow). The program provides additional activities and workshops, as well as accommodation and food for the two weeks of Summer School. The program runs alongside the VCE Summer School, meaning you will be attending classes and workshops run by the VCE Summer School, as well as meeting and being a part of a group of students who participate in additional activities specifically designed to meet the needs of students from rural and regional backgrounds.

The program is led by university students, many of whom come from rural and regional areas, who will share their experience and insights into VCE and coming to University. You will also have the opportunity to meet and form friendships with other VCE students from all across Victoria. Places on the Rural and Regional Program are limited and as such preference is given to students based on need.

Applications for VCESS 2022 are now open. You can submit an application for VCESS 2022 here

Residential Program in 2022 (Adapting to COVID-19)

In 2022, VCESS residential students will stay on campus for one week during the program, enabling them to take part in in-person activities and meet other students and our VCESS residential tutors. Activities will include a tertiary expo, Q and A with university students, a tour of the university campus and VCE lecture, and extra tutor support at two residential study nights.

All students will complete the academic program online, with on-campus activities and events offered for in-person and residential students. This ensures continuity of academic classes throughout the program and means their delivery will not be affected by any isolation requirements or inability to travel in January.

This arrangement has been chosen to manage COVID-safety and maximise the number of students able to engage with the program. Any rural or regional students unable to complete the full residential program are encouraged to apply to study in our online cohort.

While in-person, students will stay at a university residential college with other students and 10 residential tutors. They will attend in-person academic and social activities. During the online week, students will complete classes and activities with the online cohort. Residential-program specific activities will be run in both weeks.