Notice of Intention to Appoint a Temporary General Secretary

A casual vacancy has arisen for the position of the General Secretary.

In accordance with R6.12 of the UMSU Constitution, UMSU’s Students’ Council has resolved that it will appoint a temporary General Secretary at a meeting of Students’ Council (date TBC).  A by-election for this position will be held in March 2022.

The General Secretary’s responsibilities are:

  • to maintain proper records of UMSU, including up to date copies of the Constitution, the Regulations and Policy documents and to make them accessible to all Students;
  • to the extent financial information is available and able to be passed on, ensure accurate and timely financial information is provided to Officers, Voting Council Representatives and Committee members of UMSU;
  • to present half-yearly reports to the Students’ Council on UMSU finances, where possible;
  • to act as Secretary to the Students’ Council, the Committees and all Sub-Committees of UMSU, except where other provision for this responsibility is made in, or in accordance with, the Constitution or the Regulations of UMSU;
  • to be the publisher of all material published by UMSU, unless otherwise decided UMSU Regulations;
  • to act as the secretary under the AIR Act, unless otherwise decided by UMSU Regulation;
  • to carry out such other duties as are prescribed by the UMSU Constitution and Regulations or directed by the Students’ Council; and
  • to assume the role of President, in accordance with the UMSU Constitution should that position become vacant.

Further details of the work undertaken by the UMSU General Secretary can be found here.

The UMSU General Secretary receives an honorarium in recognition of the time and commitment required to perform this role.  The UMSU General Secretary is not an employee of UMSU.

If you wish to know more about this role, please contact the CEO via email.