Each September, student elections are held on campus. All current students are eligible to run for office and every person currently studying is eligible to vote. You’ll see lots of brightly coloured t-shirts campaigning for your affections during elections week. The candidate statements for students who are running for positions are printed in Farrago each year. You can pick up a copy and read about their plans for the following year. Then you can cast your vote for the students that you think best represent what you would like UMSU to look like. It takes 5 minutes to vote!

The elections are governed by the UMSU Constitution, and the UMSU Electoral Regulations. In the meantime, the doors of your student reps are always open. If something is really bugging you or you have a great idea for a project, why not visit or drop them a line? Their offices are on level 1, Union House.


Counting has now concluded for the 2016 election: see the full notice of provisional results here. These results have been confirmed by the Electoral Tribunal and are now final.

Details of the counting for office-bearers and other single-member positions are available here.

Official figures for turnout for election week are available here.


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