Know Your University Handbook

The Know Your University Handbook is a guide made by students for students! Its aim is to assist your navigation through UniMelb's policies and procedures by pointing you in the direction of help!

Whether you want to know more about special consideration, academic misconduct or enrolment, this handbook will point you in the right direction.

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The Online Index

Throughout the handbook we refer to various websites. We'll keep the links and information up to date below:


  1. Enrolment Requirement for coursework students 

  2. UniMelb Key Dates

'Choosing Your Subjects'

     3. UniMelb Subject Handbook

     4. UMSU Counter Course Handbook

'Return to Campus'

     5. UniMelb Subject Handbook

     6. Stop 1

'Assessment Results and Submission'

     7. Assessments in SWOTVAC?

     8. UMSU Advocacy Assessment Dispute Resources

     9. UMSU Advocacy Contact Form

     10. UMSU Advocacy Exam Tips

'Extensions and Special Consideration'

     11. UMSU Advocacy Special Consideration and Fee Remission

     12. Applying for Special Consideration

     13. Stop 1

     14. UniMelb Special Consideration Eligibility

     15. UMSU Advocacy Special Consideration Resources

     16. UMSU Advocacy Contact Form

'Academic Progress'

     17. UMSU Advocacy Course Academic Progress Resources

'Academic Misconduct'

     18. Academic Board Regulations

     19. UMSU Advocacy: Falsifying Documents

     20. UMSU Advocacy Contact Form


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