2023 Student Representative Network

Interested in the quality of your education?

2023 SRN positions are open NOW!

Have you ever wondered who makes the decisions that dictate what you study in your course, who teaches you, how many students there are in your class and how long the exam period is? Have you ever had issues with any of these things and wondered if there’s a way to change them? Then the Student Representative Network (SRN) is the place for you.

The SRN is a group of students that care about their education and want a say in the decision-making process. Students sit as voting student representatives on a University Committee and have a say in all the decisions made.

Students are supported by Student Governance Training provided by the UMSU Advocacy and Legal Department to understand and contribute to committees. The SRN holds regular meetings throughout the semester, during which Student Representatives report back on the issues discussed in their committee meetings and seek advice and input from other student representatives, to work towards positive change for all students.

The SRN provides a great opportunity for students to get more involved in their University experience, have a say and enact change.

Interested? Apply for a position on the 2023 SRN via the form below. Applications close 3rd February 2023.

Policies and Procedures:

SRN Policy: SRN_Policy_18Dec2020

For more information, please contact your student representatives: educationacademic@union.unimelb.edu.au

Full list of SRN Positions:

Academic Board Sub-Committees:
Senior Executive Sub-Committees:
  • Lorna Stirling Estate Committee
Property and Campus Services Committees:
Course Standing Committees:
  • Bachelor of Arts Course Standing Committee
  • Bachelor of Biomedicine Course Standing Committee
  • Bachelor of Commerce Course Standing Committee
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Course Standing Committee
  • Bachelor of Music Course Standing Committee
  • Bachelor of Science Course Standing Committee
Faculty Boards and Committees:
  • Faculty of Arts
    • Arts International Committee
    • Arts Faculty Library Committee
  • Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning Please apply through the Faculty's link: https://edsc.unimelb.edu.au/student-experience/student-participation-on-faculty-committees-and-advisory-boards
    • ABP Occupational Health and Safety Committee 
    • ABP Faculty Library Committee
    • Construction Industry Advisory Board
    • Landscape Architecture Industry Advisory Board
    • Property Industry Advisory Board
  • Faculty of Commerce
    • Commerce Faculty Consultative Committee
  • Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
    • FEIT Student Wellbeing Committee
    • FEIT Occupational Health and Safety Committee
  • Faculty of Fine Arts and Music
    • Fine Arts and Music Academic Committee
    • Faculty of Fine Arts and Music Library Committee
  • Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
    • MDHS Faculty Executive Sub-Committee: Learning & Teaching (L&T SFEC)

Faculty Boards committees may initiate and make suggestions to the Deans, as well as respond to and make comments on advice provided by the Deans on a range of issues. Some Faculty Boards are filled by the individual faculties and UMSU fills the committees listed above. 

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