UMSU By-election April 2024

Provisional Declaration of By-Election

University of Melbourne Annual Student By-Election

April 29-May 1, 2024

The following nominations have been received

Burnley Campus Committee (7 Positions)

Jennifer Khattar
Madison Slocombe

Members of Indigenous Committee (7 positions)

Max Braybrook

Southbank Campus Committee (2 positions)

Kalyani Vatsala
Talie Helene

All nominations were valid. There being fewer or equal numbers of nominations to positions in all cases, all candidates are declared provisionally elected.

Stephen Luntz

Returning Officer: Stephen Luntz (Ph: 0438 667 787) or

Deputy Returning Officer: Patrick Clearwater (Ph:0431 666 111) 

Mail: UMSU Returning Officer, c/o Above Quota Elections, PO Box 2157, Fitzroy, VIC 3065

No person can stand for election if they are employed half-time or more by UMSU, the University, MU Student Union Ltd or related bodies, or any combination thereof.

For further information on eligibility to stand and to vote in the election, please consult the Election Regulations, also available at the UMSU Office.

Stephen Luntz
Above Quota Elections Pty Ltd
Returning Officer
April 8 2024