UMSU International 2023 Annual Elections




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Polling closed at 5pm on Friday 19th May.

Notice of the complete provisional declaration of results (PDF; published 2.30pm, 23rd May) is now available. This declaration replaces the partial interim declaration made on Friday 19th.

List of Nominations

Nominations have closed. The final list in ballot order and after some withdrawals is available here (updated 14 May).

We have also published a list of registered campaigners (updated 8.30am 19th May).

Election Regulations

The election is governed by:

Note that although those documents contain election specific rules, the election as a whole is also governed by UMSU rules, including the UMSU Constitution, University statute and University policy including the Student Acceptable Conduct Policy.

Complaint information

Appeals against results

Appeals against results in accordance with UMSU International Electoral Regulation 18 must be made by candidates in writing within one academic day of notice of the provisional declaration of results. Instructions on this are contained within the notice of provisional declaration of results. Appeals should be sent to the Electoral Tribunal and a copy sent to the Returning Officer.


The election is a rules-based activity. All candidates and their registered campaigners are required to adhere to the rules throughout the election, and the Electoral Regulations provide penalties, including disqualification, for breaches. The Regulations above lay out the rules in detail, but key expectations are reiterated below.

  • A campaigner remaining near a student who is voting is prohibited
  • A campaigner may not: vote on behalf of a student, take a student’s phone and vote for them, or “assist” a voter in making a vote. Any voter who requires assistance casting a vote should contact the Returning Officer who can arrange for a neutral poll clerk to assist
  • Harassment, coercion, bullying and other forms of intimidation directed at voters or campaigners is prohibited
  • In this election, campaigning is permitted only by candidates and their designated campaigners

If someone coerces you to vote a certain way: If someone places you in a position where you feel coerced, or they apply duress to make you vote a certain way, we can cancel your vote and assign you a fresh vote. Please email the Returning Officer with a brief description of the incident, your student number, and a request that your vote be cancelled. This applies in cases where rules have been breached, and is not an opportunity to revote if you change your mind.

To make a complaint, please email the Returning Officer including as much detail as possible. Anyone, whether student, staff or community member, can make a complaint.

Candidate Policy Speech Session

The policy speech session was held on May 11. Most candidates participated. Speeches from Executive and Director candidates can be seen in the video below, along with answers to questions from candidates for all contested positions.

How To Vote

Voting was open 9:00 am on Monday 15th May 2023 and closed 5:00 pm on Friday 19 May 2023. Late votes cannot be accepted.


Positions To Be Elected

Executive Committee

  • One (1) UMSU International President  
  • One (1) UMSU International Vice-President (Education and Welfare) 
  • One (1) UMSU International Vice-President (Cultural and Social) 
  • One (1) UMSU International Vice-President (Media and Marketing)
  • One (1) UMSU International Secretary  
  • One (1) UMSU International Treasurer  


  • One (1) UMSU International Education Director  
  • One (1) UMSU International Welfare Director  
  • One (1) UMSU International Graduate Director  
  • One (1) UMSU International Cultural and Social Director  
  • One (1) UMSU International Media and Marketing Director  
  • One (1) UMSU International Human Resource Director  
  • One (1) UMSU International Partnership and Sponsorship Director


  • Three (3) UMSU International Education Officers  
  • Three (3) UMSU International Welfare Officers  
  • One (1) UMSU International Graduate Officer  
  • Six (6) UMSU International Cultural and Social Officers  
  • Three (3) UMSU International Media and Marketing Officers  
  • One (1) UMSU International Partnership and Sponsorship Officer
  • One (1) UMSU International Human Resources Officer

Withdrawal of Nominations

A candidate may withdraw their nomination at any time using this form.

Other information for candidates

  • Duties and Powers of elected members provide information about the roles to be elected.
  • The election timeline
  • A Candidate Information session was held. A recording can be viewed here:

Returning Officer contact details

The Returning Officer is responsible for running the election.

If you have any inquiries, complaints or feedback, please email: Contact details for the RO and Deputy RO are below.

Stephen Luntz
Returning Officer
Phone: 0438 667 787

Patrick Clearwater
Deputy Returning Officer
Phone: 0431 666 111


23rd May 2023