This serves as an official notice that up to two temporary Environment Officers will be appointed at a petitioned meeting of the Environment Committee on Monday August 9 at 2:00pm. The meeting will be held via Zoom, with the link to be distributed to interested students closer to the date.

All students are eligible to nominate for the position as outlined by the UMSU constitution and may do so by emailing the General Secretary at:

Agenda Special Meeting 1(21)

Environment Committee

The aims and objectives of the Environment Department include:

(a)    to oversee the activities of UMSU in relation to the environment, including campaigning on environmental issues and assessing UMSU compliance with environmental standards;
(b)    to develop, promote and implement policy on environment-related issues;
(c)    to make recommendations to Students’ Council, MU Student Union Ltd and the University on environmental practice;
(d)    to collect, collate, publish and disseminate information relating to environmental issues;
(e)    to raise awareness and discussion of environmental issues;
(f)     to liaise with relevant University bodies, environment organisations and Student groups on environmental issues; and
(g)    to campaign for the protection of non-human animal habitats, in particular the habitats of endangered species.
(h)  to educate Students and run campaigns aimed at preventing cruelty to, and exploitation of animals, and improving the welfare of non-human animals; and
(i)    to campaign to and liaise with the University on issues relating to the harmful use of animals in education and research where live non-human animals are used, or where an animal was killed prior to the class for the purposes of a class.

Current Membership

The Environment Committee consists of the Environment Officers as non-voting members and 7 voting members. The current members and the tickets they were elected on (if any) are:

Environment Officers


Voting Members
Rubina Smith Community for UMSU
Harry Syson  Stand Up!
Aashi Agarwal Community for UMSU
Jaslyn Potter Stand Up!
Laura Cardamone Community for UMSU
Vishal Chopra Stand Up!
Jeremy Lorenzo Larsen Community for UMSU


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