Clothes Swap


Take what you need, donate what you can

The Clothes Swap is an initiative run by the UMSU Environment Department to provide clothing to students in an accessible and sustainable way.

How does it work?
The Clothes Swap operates on a philosophy of 'take what you need, donate what you can'. All students are welcome to visit the Clothes Swap and take any items they need.

Where you're able, we encourage you to donate any unwanted items in your wardrobe to ensure the Clothes Swap is kept well-stocked for other students in need.

Where is it?
The Clothes Swap is located in Union Mart on the Ground Floor of Union House (inside the old Zambrero's).

Opening hours: As per Union House opening hours - when Union Mart is closed, you'll find the Clothes Swap racks parked in the old Food Court.

How do I donate?
The Clothes Swap donation bin is located in the Ground Floor Food Court of Union House and can accept donations any time during building opening hours.

We can only accept donations of clean clothing items. No undergarments, rubbish or dirty clothes will be accepted. If you'd like to donate other items, such as homewares, please email to discuss.

If the bin is full, you can arrange to drop your donations at the Environment Office. Just make sure to contact us first to ensure someone is there to accept your donation — please don't leave your donations at the door if the office is unattended.